Vejslev Exploration Band


Vejslev Exploration Band is a blend of tradition, bebop, Nordic jazz and modern mainstream jazz. The music moves between the subdued and the impassioned, the past and the present.

Vejslev Exploration Band started in the summer of 2020, when Kristoffer Vejslev started playing with Andreas Toftemark, Andreas Fryland and Mathias Jensen. The band plays original compositions by Kristoffer and his father, Jakob Vejslev. His father's compositions ignited the inner fire in Kristoffer’s early years, which became a burning passion for jazz. Back then, Jakob also acted as a mentor for Kristoffer as he, like Kristoffer, is also a jazz guitarist. Later the music led Kristoffer to the Netherlands, where he studied jazz guitar with world stars such as Jesse Van Ruller and Reiner Baas at the internationally renowned Conservatorium Van Amsterdam. Over the last few years, Kristoffer has moved more into Nordic jazz, where he has collaborated with some of the leading young names in the genre.

With this project, Kristoffer Vejslev has returned to his roots. It is a declaration of love to the music that has helped shape him as a guitarist and composer. The music is a mix of Kristoffer's and his father's compositions. It moves between straight-ahead jazz, bebop, modern jazz and Nordic jazz. The band exists in a musical universe that draws parallels to artists such as Kurt Rosenwinkel, Mark Tuner and Jakob bro.

The musicians' different approaches to jazz have given the quartet its own sound, where Jensen and Toftemark's baggage from New York, Fryland's Copenhagen background and Kristoffer's Nordic sound create an atmosphere where tradition meets innovation, and the underplayed and animated go hand in hand.